Chatham RESIDENT Grade 7/8 Ski Program – 2019/20

NOTE – As of September 9, 2019 – the information below is tentative. 

Registration will begin in October on Community Pass – Please watch this site for the start date. SPACE IS LIMITED – FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.
The ski trips will be to the Shawnee Ski Resort in Pennsylvania. See below the trip information.

Please review, before registering, all of the program and registration information below.
It is critical, when taking children out of town, that all of the registration information is completed as noted.

When our limit (2 buses) is met, participant registrations will automatically go to a Wait List.


Whoever is completing the Community Pass registration form, please see below the specifics of information that is needed upfront when the form is submitted. Incomplete/missing information/incorrect participant forms will be pulled and placed on a Wait List.

There are TWO fees and TWO forms that need to be completed and fees paid to hold your child’s program placement. One will not be accepted without the other. There is one fee on Community Pass for the bus and then a fee on the Shawnee link you will receive for your ski/snowboard package.

Please note these specifics below:

When REGISTRATION opens, please go to to Community Pass to your account. If you do not have an account, you can set one up. When in your account, go to Register – Skiing.
There is a bus/admin fee (TBD), that MUST be paid on Community Pass FIRST, to secure a bus seat and get the Shawnee link.
After paying the Community Pass fee, you will receive, on your receipt, the link for the Shawnee form and payment.


Reminder – If the information requested on the Community Pass form is incomplete/missing information/incorrect your child’s form will go to a Wait List.

For example:

TWO LOCAL (Chatham, Madison, Summit, New Providence) ADULT Non-Parent emergency contacts is an ADULT (not the parents) that agree to be your emergency contact if we cannot reach you first. Please check first with who you enter that they agree to take this responsibility if you can’t be reached. They MUST be able/willing to drive at night in the event they are needed to drive to Shawnee or a hospital. We can’t have surprises if we need them that they are unaware they were listed or may be needed to drive to Shawnee.

Please be sure ALL the emergency contact information requested (the emergency contacts name, relationship, address and phone) is entered on the form. If not, your child will be moved to the Wait List.
Medical info – If you note your child takes a medication, please note what it is for so we can have that information while on the bus or at Shawnee.
Chaperones – We MUST have some consistent chaperones that will go on EVERY trip. Consistency is very important for the participants, knowledge of our/Shawnee guidelines and understanding the weekly routine on the bus and at the slopes.


On the bottom of the paid Community Pass receipt, will be the Shawnee LINK-Chatham code you will then need to purchase your Shawnee Ski/Snowboard package. There are 6 packages to choose from. There is an option for a helmet. If you do not have a helmet, we URGE everyone to get one.
You will need to go to that Shawnee linked site, the same day your Community Pass registration is completed to hold your program placement.
Your child’s Community Pass bus registration will not be held unless your Shawnee package payment is completed that day with Shawnee.
This is a dual registration process to hold your child’s placement in the program.
Seats are limited so it’s critical all your information, as per above, is correct and that both fees are paid.

Ski Trip Information:

A MANDATORY parent meeting will be held prior to your child attending the trips.

If your child has another Saturday afternoon/evening activity (travel basketball, lacrosse, swimming, etc.) decide if it’s still feasible to attend the trips. There are no refunds.
While we know some of these non-ski schedules may not be out for a while, we do need our ski information to proceed with the ski program. Some families, with other obligations, will choose to bring their child/child’s friends up to the slope and meet the group. They would not come and go on the bus nor would we be processing any of their fees. They would not be part of the program itself but can certainly ski with the Chatham group.


Start date January 4th or 11th  (weather/snow conditions permitting).
This is a 5 week program. Participants register for the full program not week by week.
Ski dates – Weather conditions permitting: TBD
This program includes a 5-week series of Saturday late afternoon/evening trips to Shawnee Mountain which is on the Delaware, in Pennsylvania. Shawnee is located about an hour and fifteen minutes away and has over 20 slopes and trail.

Below are the Shawnee packages to select if your child participates.

The Shawnee packages are paid for separately, on the Shawnee site, after you pay your $90 bus/admin fee on Community Pass as noted above.

Shawnee Package prices are as follows:

  • Ski/Snowboard Lift only – TBD
  • Ski/Snowboard Lift and Rental – TBD
  • Ski/Snowboard Lift and 3 Lessons – TBD
  • Ski/Snowboard Lift and Rental and 3 Lessons – TBD
  • Ski/Snowboard Lift and 5 Lessons – TBD
  • Ski/Snowboard Lift and Rental and 5 Lessons – TBD


On the day of each trip, participants will need to be at the Middle School no later than 3pm to load any equipment and have attendance taken.

ALL participants MUST COME AND GO on the bus! The bus will not wait for late participants.

After arriving at Shawnee, those renting equipment through Shawnee, will be fitted and lessons given to those who paid for that package.
Ski/Snowboard instruction includes one hour of group instruction with approximately 8-10 participants per group. Lessons are held shortly after arrival. Participants will ski/snowboard after each night’s lesson is completed.
Ski/Snowboarders who need to rent equipment and choose not to get the Shawnee rental package, MUST then make their own equipment arrangements elsewhere prior to the trips. Items cannot be rented by the night at Shawnee.
There is an indoor snack bar to purchase dinner or a snack during the evening or you can send food/drinks – no glass and no coolers.
At 9pm it will be announced that the Chatham buses will be loading. Participants will then need to return any Shawnee rental equipment.
The bus will depart at about 9:15 with an approximate Chatham arrival time of 10:15pm.
Parents will need to be at the Middle School NO LATER than 10:15pm for pickup.
Refunds will NOT be issued for any package/bus fee or missed trip.
No more than 1 absentee voucher, per participant, will be issued for missed sessions.
Substitute participants will NOT be accepted.

Chaperones are critical.

Trips cannot be taken if we do not have sufficient consistent chaperones that can attend each week. Each family must commit and be available, as needed, for up to 3 dates as potential chaperones.
On each bus, 4 to 5 adult chaperones will be needed.

One driver, with their own vehicle, is also needed per bus.

Drivers cannot bring other family members/friends, etc. with them.

Questions – please contact [email protected]

Please click the select button for important info regarding the trips:

  • Chaperone duties.
  • Hospital directions.
  • Ski safety information.
  • Ski in control. Be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  • Look at trail maps for slopes suited to your ability.
  • Recognize your ability and take lessons to improve.
  • Be aware of other skiers – Be courteous and considerate.
  • Respect skiers on the beginner slopes and do not ski fast or jump in this area.
  • Those ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  • Use suitable and safe equipment. Have safety bindings checked regularly and wear safety straps to avoid runaway equipment.
  • When stopping on a slope, avoid blocking others paths. Move over to the side. You may not be visible from above.
  • Check uphill traffic before crossing a trail or when starting out after stopping on a slope. Yield to others.
  • Ski with a companion.
  • Obey signs and rules of the ski area. Do not ski closed trails or undesignated areas.
  • Be aware of markers set down by the Ski Patrol to indicate rocks, roots, bare spots, etc.
  • Do not wear loose clothing or flowing scarves. Long hair should be tucked inside a jacket.
  • Stop and eat when hungry and rest when tired.
  • Respect ski classes in sessions. Do not ski through them or interrupt them.
  • Follow lift line procedures posted. Do not cut into lines. If you have not been on the lifts, learn how to load, ride and unload safely.
  • Do not ski over others skis.
  • Ride the lifts carefully. Do not swing, jump or deface the chairs. Pull the safety bar down and place your skis on the foot rest. Keep ski poles up and carry poles by the shaft.
  • Notify the ski patrol of any accidents. Report the exact location. Cross skis on the slope above the injured skier to protect them from other skiers.
  • Wear non-breakable sun glasses or goggles.
  • Fill in sitz marks. They are a potential danger to others.

Directions to Shawnee
Take Rt 287 North to Rt 80 West to Pa.
Take exit 309 – Rt 209 N
Follow Shawnee signs.
Directions to Pocono Medical Center
Take Rt 80 West to exit 308.
Turn right at first stop sign onto Prospect.
Turn right at first light signal on to Brown.
PMC is on left with parking on the right.

Brief Guide of Ski Trip Chaperone Responsibilities
Scheduled chaperones who want to ski will be issued a free pass for that evening. All chaperones, other than the ones noted to drive, will go up on the bus.

If on the date you are scheduled you are unable to go, it will be YOUR responsibility to get another ski family PARENT to attend in your place.

A list of families and phone numbers will be sent to each family. If you do get a ski parent sub, IT’S CRITICAL I KNOW WHO AND THE DATE PRIOR TO THE TRIP so we are sure we are covered!!! It is IMPERATIVE you find yourself a sub!!!!!!! If a DRIVER needs a sub they MUST arrange to get another ski parent driver to take their place!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The buses will NOT leave the lot without the on-bus chaperones and the designated driver. Please make sure you or your sub is there on time.

Drivers: Please remember to have an alternate ride home pre-arranged for your child in the event you need to stay with an injured skier!! You need to be available to remain with that skier until a parent or emergency contact relieves you. Driver’s children/friends/family will NOT be allowed to stay or ride with you. Your skier/snowboarder MUST come and go on the bus!!!!! Scheduled drivers are not to bring others (family members, friends) with them in their car in the event they are needed to stay with another skier. They would not have a ride home, they cannot go home on the bus and most importantly that driver is needed to devote their full attention to that injured or ill skier!

For the trips we have a Head Chaperone. The Head Chaperone, prior to leaving the Middle School, will get the cell phone numbers of each chaperone scheduled for THAT trip in the event you are needed at the slopes.

We then have a Lead Bus Chaperone assigned each bus to be responsible for each buses Attendance/Medical Book. The Lead Bus Chaperone will check who gets on the bus, issue their ski tag, and then be sure that child is back on the bus before leaving. All the bus books will then be turned back to me at the Middle School at the end of the night.

Chaperones will get a Chatham arm band for the night. All arm bands are to be turned in after each trip even if a chaperone is scheduled for the following week.

THE CHILDREN’S SKI PASSES AND THEIR ARM BANDS WILL BE GIVEN TO EACH CHILD ON THE BUS. THEY ARE ALSO COLLECTED FROM EACH CHILD ON THE BUS PRIOR TO LEAVING THE SLOPES! Participants will not take these home. Ski badges and arm bands will be issued each session on the bus. They will be collected each night. Participants will NOT be allowed to take them home.

Wear a watch.
Report to the Middle School no later than 3:00 p.m.

You will be assigned to a bus. Help your assigned Lead Bus Chaperone check-in those registered on the attendance sheet.

Be sure children store equipment, boots, and bags under the bus compartment. Ski/Snowboard boots cannot be worn on the bus!

At least one chaperone should sit in the front of the bus and at least one in the rear.

Maintain order on the bus. Children may not walk in the aisles while the bus is moving. Screaming, yelling, throwing items out windows, etc. will not be permitted. Food, drinks and gum are not allowed to be eaten on the bus with the bus company prohibiting gum or other sticky type candies!!!!

Be sure to let the children know who you are and you are available if they need anything. Any issues from them do need to go back to the HEAD Chaperone to handle and for any contacts needed to parents, etc. Individual chaperones should NOT be handling those issues or contacting parents.

Explain to the children that just before 9pm they are to begin taking off their equipment, returning what was rented and should head back to the bus. If they want something to eat, get it before 9pm.

At least one chaperone per bus should be in the designated lodge as a central location if there is a need.

At Shawnee, the Head Chaperone will be sure the Chatham children and chaperones are checked in. The Head Chaperone will have the chaperones info for the night in the event you are needed for one of the children.

Assist children at Shawnee, where necessary, who need help obtaining their rental equipment or others who just may need some assistance getting things on.

At departure, chaperones will be assigned to do the following:

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