Artificial Turf Fields – Lum and Shunpike Field

As a joint venture of the Borough of Chatham, the Township of Chatham and the Chatham Athletic Foundation, its critical we protect these investments for our community to enjoy. Having these artificial turf fields available for our programs, especially with the wet weather, has allowed us to continue our weekly sessions as scheduled.

  • The Coaches/Trainers have asked that we please relay to families these items below as
    they organize sessions.Families are requested to please watch their child’s session from the adjacent grassed areas
    or behind the fence.
    Animals are not permitted on the artificial turf fields.
    Spectators, if they attend and want to play catch, etc. with their families, are requested to play off the field and not on the turf.
    Artificial Turf Guide:
    Please no food on the turf.
    Please no drinks other then water.
    No gum or candy – this has been a huge issue sticking in the turf.
    No sunflower seeds as they clog the underground drains for the field.
    Please throw away water bottles and trash into the receptacles.
    No smoking or chewing tobacco.
    No staking of any items into the turf.
    Chairs, canopies, umbrellas are to only be placed on the natural grass sections.
    No metal/plastic cleats.
    No pets.
    Please no riding, etc. of bikes, skateboards, carriages, or any other wheeled items on the field.
    Please no throwing/shooting of balls into the baseball backstops or fencing.
    If shooting lacrosse balls, please use the lax nets that were placed on the far side of the field at Lum.
    If a game or practice is being held on all or part of the field, spectators/families are asked to please remain behind the fence and off the turf playing/practice area.
    When an organized activity is using the field, that space is dedicated to that activity. Others are requested to please wait behind the fence until the activity is completed before taking the field.
    When the portable light units are at the field, please refrain from moving the light units in any way. They have been adjusted for that field.