Mountainview Gym Usage



Few youth sports programs are successful without the positive support of volunteer parents and coaches. In the effort to properly utilize the Mountainview facility and provide a positive athletic environment for the youth of Chatham all volunteer coaches and officials must adhere to the Usage Policy. We respectfully ask that you abide by the established rules and guidelines.

Any and all scheduled time must be requested and approved a minimum of 48 hours prior to intended usage. All requests are to be sent to Chatham Recreation Dept. in writing. In season programs will have priority.

Unauthorized or non scheduled usage is not permitted & will
not be tolerated!!!

Each group is responsible to police and clean-up their scheduled area and bathrooms at the conclusion of their time. They are also responsible for making sure the building is locked, lights off and secured after use. Other groups/residents/youths are not to be let in unauthorized.

Access to the remainder of the building is not permitted. Doors to the main building are to remain locked at all times.

The usage policy is subject to change at the discretion of Chatham Recreation and the Township Administration.

Failure to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action