Baseline Testing


Through a generous grant by the Chatham Athletic Foundation, the Atlantic Neuroscience Institutes Concussion Center provides a concussion awareness and treatment program.

This program is available to all athletes at least 10 years of age in the Chatham Recreation program.

Concussions, more appropriately known as mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI), are a frequent injury in athletes of all ages. This injury is not limited to contact sports such as football and lacrosse but occurs in all sports and is frequent among all age groups. The goal of this project is to provide optimal management of Chatham Recreation athletes with mTBI.

Key objectives of this program are to help educate parents and coaches on the seriousness of these injuries, how to identify them, and guide decision making about when it is safe for these student athletes to return to competition following a concussion.

The program consists of a series of timed activities that measure multiple aspects of cognitive functioning including a variety of visual and auditory tasks as well as reaction time. The testing can be done at home on-line through a secured Website. The testing, which continues to be used extensively by the NFL, the NHL, and NCAA organizations, is also adopted by more than 900 high schools.

The Chatham Athletic Foundation, Chatham Recreation and the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute recognize that safety always comes first, and with baseline testing we can take a big step towards ensuring that objective for all Chatham players.

Eligible Chatham Recreation players can click on the link below:
Atlantic Concussion Center